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John Skurr Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd will not be taking on new jobs from 01/01/2021 and will stop providing all services on the 01/07/2021.
Do not be worried as Coot Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd will be providing similar services from the same location with the same friendly smile.
Coot Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd will be managing John Skurr Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd’s job records, so if you need a copy of documentation from a job please contact Coot Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd.
So give them a call on +61 2 6282 4620 or drop in for a visit.


JSCE are a Canberra based firm of consulting Structural Engineers that has been practising in the Canberra and surrounding NSW for the past 40 years. We have useful experience with residential, commercial, institutional and Government projects. Projects range from small residential alterations and additions (including new builds) through to large commercial and Government/Institutional upgrade projects and civil projects. We also have experience with historically relevant structures.
The typical services we provide and projects JSCE are involved with are:

  1. Structural design, CAD drawings completed and certification provided for:
    1. Residential renovations, new builds and maintenance/upgrades.
    2. Commercial and institutional property renovations and upgrades.
    3. Raised walkways and lookout platforms.
    4. Landscape structures and art installations.
    5. Gas infrastructure and pipeline support structures.
    6. Water supply and Hydraulic structures including culverts, thrust blocks, sumps, stormwater channels, outlet dissipaters.
    7. Long single and multi-span road and pedestrian bridges.
    8. Commercial single/multi-storey concrete carparks.
  2. Construction quality control inspections.
  3. Property inspections and reports on structural issues of concern to owners and/or residents of residential and commercial properties.
  4. Engineering assessments and reports including structural capacity checks on residential, commercial and institutional structures.
  5. Formwork inspection and certification.
  6. Residential foundation classifications to AS2870.

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